Royalty Free Photos

If you are going to need to download a lot of photographs for your website, or for a project you are working on, there are a few things you should look for before choosing a particular site.

Things that will make your hunt for appropriate royalty free photos easier, as well as help you find the exact images that will make your site or your project look beautiful.

A good search function -- While some sites offering royalty free photos have millions of photos to choose from, their search function on site is not very good.

That means you will often spend a lot of time trying to find the photos you need, while missing some of the photos that would have been perfect.

Millions of photos -- The whole point of looking for royalty free photos is to find a site that has so many you do not need to go anywhere else.

Look for sites that have millions of photographs in just about any subject you could ever need, and you will never have to waste your time looking for another site again.

Sites with clear prices -- Be sure you look only for sites that clearly state how much they charge for their royalty free photos.

Some sites try to hide their price lists, which means you will waste time trying to download photos only to discover the price per photo is out of your price range.

Clear information -- Only choose sites that have clear information about the royalty free photos you are interested in.


Information like where the photograph was taken, with what type of camera, and when it was taken will help you decide if that photo fits exactly what you are looking for or if you should keep looking.